Intimacy Vs A One Night Stand

Intimacy with someone special can be so beautiful when the feelings are right. When two people know where each other is at. Learning a person is a process all in it self. But when it comes to Intimacy it should not be taken likely.  Now today people have no problem and see nothing wrong with one night stands. But there is something very wrong with it. Men and women are not being honest with their partners or themselves. We live in a world where HIV is everywhere and we can’t tell who is effected or a carrier of the disease.  So play it smart and get check once a year.

Intimacy can be what you make it to be. We don’t have to sleep with one another in order to have intimacy. To be able to be in your presence and enjoy conversation with laughter and holding hands is fine. Women are not always looking to jump in the sack with a man. I see more women working towards goals and improving themselves. So decide what it is you are seeking for yourself and go after it.


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