We see it all the time now of days  your man saying he is “keeping it real”. But what is that real?Is it he seeing whom ever he wants and still kicking with you? Ladies let me say it is not just her man, it is your man too. Let’s not forget that men can play the field with many women and still poke out their chest like they just won the world’s cup.

What gets to me is that girlfriends can be having a conversation about the one girl’s man, playing with her emotions, dogging her out. In the back of their mind they are sayıng my man is not like that.  Her friend just goes on about how he is no good for nothing, but her man was just trying to hit on another lady a few months ago. Now there is a difference between a lady and a girl.

A grown woman will know her worth and will take the hurt with the pain and get out of the bad relationship. Then again I have come to know there are women who will sweep important matters under the rug and keep dealing with what I call trash. Now, what about the young girl well depending on her maturity level is how she will deal with this kind of guy. Many of them like the drama it brings so they think it is cute, or this is how he shows he cares or loves her. It is shown that they stay in these kind of unhealthy relationships.

So ladies I know you want to believe that he will not do no wrong, He is able to do wrong. Just know this in the back of your mind sometimes it is not where he is at that you should be worried about, but where he wants to be is what your concern. You see when a person is in mentally in a relationship they already is some where else. So you do not have a whole person in your life. Physically yes you have a person in your present but for how long? After a while he is making excuses to stay away from you. Staying at the office late and going to the gym more often then usually. These are the signs of their interests are some where else and with someone else.

I have learn that if your relationship is not built on a solid foundation it is just a matter of time, it can be a marriage just as well. If you can not keep a person attention ina relationship that is just another area going wrong, All this is said to say one important point. Do not be quick to judge another or say or think your man is better then the next one.   Use wisdom when dealing or talking to people. Everyone will not give you sound advice in a important matter.

“Treat a person you want to be treated.”


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