Enjoying the Holidays

It is that time again, of gift wrapping presents and cooking all day and all night long.  When friends and family comes to spend time together once more. Telling stories of years ago brings laughter to your face. Holidays are special to us all in our own kind of way. For many kids it is about the presents under the tree. For older generation it is about having the family together, just one more Holiday spent together. All family time spent baking those favorite cookies and meals. But, for others it is remembering the true mean of the Holidays time.  A time to help the lest fortunate in the world. To give and pray that we will stay safe and protected by the many men and women serving to protect us as we enjoy our families.


Let us be thankful for the many blessings that we do have, and who made it all possible to enjoy these Holidays. It is a times to make new memories and laugh at old ones. A time to smile, cry. We all know everyone does not always have a great or even good Holiday, so why not help someone else this year. Show some love extended your love.


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